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Calibehr Business Support Services Pvt. Ltd.

Calibehr is an expert business administrations endeavor where we consolidate the combined energies of people, process and technology to drive consistent activities as well as economic development for vast Indian businesses, multinational organizations, and state governments.

Our company is part of the illustrious giant i.e. Narayan Bhargava Group and have passionately succeeded to outshine in the corporate arena especially with regards to customer services delivering end to end pan India services qualitatively and quantitatively to the ultimate satisfaction of our highly valued patrons.

We offer a comprehensive suite of digitally empowered and determined services through more than 350 delivery centers enabling our clienteles to rise up to the complications of a developing and consistently growing state of business. Driven by a strong team of about 10,000 ground-breaking and result oriented people, Calibehr works closely with the individuals to convey speedy, quantifiable outcomes across 13 industries, in a digital first world.

Since its origin in 2006, Calibehr has frequently flourished to give phenomenal administrational support to our customers, satisfying their every need with regards to the following:


People:- People are the wind beneath the wings of the largest of enterprises
Through our associates driven administrations, we enable companies to fly higher and accomplish their business objectives with

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Compliance
  • RPO(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • HR Process Outsourcing
  • Innovative Workforce Solutions
Process:- Reimagine the process to pursue business excellence Our fixation on expanding efficiencies guarantees consistent accomplishments and sustainable development for large Indian enterprises.

  • Contact Centre Management
  • Data Management
  • Document Processing
  • Last Mile Services
  • Research Services
  • Business Insight Services
Technology:- The pace of technological change is quick, continuous and constant We equip our customers to deal with every possible challenge of a constantly developing and ever growing business environment, with an exclusive set of digitally-enabled solutions, for example

  • Software Solutions
  • Product Development
  • Automation
  • Data Science